To start your journey to a fantasy world, and reserve your shire haven of tranquility, fill
out this booking form. We will email you within 24 hours to confirm the booking, please note that we can only refund your hut if it can re-sell before 6 weeks prior to the event. Information packs will follow nearer the festival date. The price is for the duration of
the festival.

Booking your Shire Hut

Please fill out this booking form to reserve and make payment for your accommodation. We will contact you via email within 24 hours with your booking confirmation. Information packs will follow nearer the festival.

  • **PLEASE READ** The unit price may also vary depending on the festival, just like the British weather, at each event, but we can offer payment via instalments please contact us for more details. Please note, this is the hire price without the £50 refundable damage deposit. The deposit will be retuned once we're happy that your hut hasn't been destroyed by a wizards spell or a band of unruly orcs. And, please, even if you are in a group of halfings, the two-berth huts are for two people and the four berth homes are for.. yep, four people. So. keep your shire huts to yourselves - and, please, no trolls, they always smash the place up. Contact us to find out more, or for any questions, except, 'how do I avoid a wizard's spell?' We can't help that.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10.
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Festivals 2017

  • Porthleven Music and Food Festival: 21st – 23rd April
  • Porthleven Summer Masked Ball: 26th – 28th May
  • Great Estate Festival: 2nd – 4th June
  • 3 Wishes Feary Festival: 16th – 18th June
  • Tunes in the Dunes: 30th June – 2nd July,
  • Boardmasters: 9th – 13th August
  • Shambala: 24th – 27th August
  • Healys Cider Farm Festival: 8th – 10th Sep.
  • Halloween Masked Ball, 28th October – 2 berth huts. 4 berth huts and bell tents available

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