Outside in the wilderness, a battle is raging. In here you are safe, snug; cocooned.
Gentle lamp light, homely surroundings and a comfy bed to rest your head. This is more
than a pod, it is a magical retreat, a grounded space to renew your sparkle. In here you
are warm, secure, and, maybe, just a little smug. So close the door, snuggle up and
sleep; let your imagination guide you towards enchanted slumber. When you find
someone to share in an adventure, and you reach your journey’s end, you will come
across cosy lodgings. Home may be behind you, but a shire hut lies ahead. And, when
you come back, you will not be the same.This is where glamping meets fantasy fiction.
Everyone loves comfort and warmth at an outdoor event, and, sometimes, all you want
to do is take time out, curl up and escape from the party.

Have hut, will travel

The cosy cabins are not built out of the side of a hill – they have been designed to travel,
making them the UK’s only mobile Shire-themed glamping pods, perfect for festivals,
campsites, weddings and pretty much an outdoor event.

in Cornwall

These shire shacks have been carved by hand out of the Cornish woodland by a master
joiner in his secret workshop deep in the heart of the county. With stained glass
windows and fantasy lettering they conjure up imagery from a woodland adventure

Hire the Shire

We don’t think it’s fair that these quaint cabins should be restricted to organised events,
so we would like to give the chance to offer them to private events.

Home comforts

You won’t need to go on a quest to find added luxuries as these heated, lockable huts
come with power sockets and lighting, as well as a mirror, bedside table and a wellies
stand. Campfire furniture and a fire pit and tops off the outdoor/indoor experience.

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